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(Reporter: Harald, Unassigned)


(Depends on 4 bugs, {meta})

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User Story

An MVP with the goal to make it useful for internal engineers and early adopters on OSX/Nightly.
No description provided.
Depends on: 1502042
No longer blocks: replay-polish
Depends on: replay-polish
Alias: replay-m1
Depends on: 1503863
Depends on: 1503866
Depends on: 1503869
Depends on: replay-player
Depends on: replay-quality
No longer depends on: 1503863
No longer depends on: 1503866
No longer depends on: 1503869
Depends on: 1504030
No longer depends on: 1504030
Depends on: 1503930
Depends on: webreplay-console
No longer depends on: replay-player
Depends on: 1513118
Depends on: 1526561
Depends on: 1526562
No longer depends on: 1526562
No longer depends on: 1526561
Depends on: 1530133
Depends on: 1542659
Depends on: 1544170
Duplicate of this bug: 1145715
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