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Raptor tp6-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 fail on google chrome linux64


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After Bug 1460742 lands, raptor tp6 will be running on google chromium desktop (on try and mozilla-central) as tier 2 on OSX/Win and tier 3 on Linux64.

It's tier3 on Linux64 because for some reason on that platform raptor tp6 is timing out. Either the google chromium command line arguments aren't working on Linux or there's some other issue overlooked.
Note: Raptor on Google Chromium jobs have since been moved to nightly only; so for an example of this failing job see:
Looks like it's an issue with the command line, for some reason the raptor webext is listed 3 times:

A couple of issues here:

1) The Raptor webext name was not being removed from the profile list of addons when running on Chrome; therefore it was being added to the '--load-extension' command line (comment 2) for each tp6 page in the suite; I have a fix for that and will include that in this patch.

2) The main issue here, tp6 totally timing out on google chrome linux (but not the other platforms). Still trying to figure that out...
Assignee: nobody → rwood
Keywords: leave-open
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When running raptor on chromium, remove the webext from the cmd line after each test is finished; r=jmaher
Note, this applies to raptor chrome tp6 (soon to be tp6-1) and gdocs (soon to be tp6-2), names being changed in Bug 1505526), which are set a tier 3 because of this issue.
Blocks: 1473078
Summary: Fix raptor tp6 google chrome on linux → Raptor tp6-1 and tp6-2 fail on google chrome linux64
Note: :sparky's patch in Bug 1476372 appears to fix this issue. Wait for that to land, and if still green, use this bug to move tp6-1 and tp2-1 chrome on linux64 from tier 3 to tier 2.
Depends on: 1476372
Summary: Raptor tp6-1 and tp6-2 fail on google chrome linux64 → Raptor tp6-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 fail on google chrome linux64
Priority: -- → P1

This should be solved by updating the Chromium version in Bug 1520523.

In which case I'll use this bug to move the Chrome Linux x64 tp6* jobs from tier2 to tier3, with the other Raptor Chrome jobs.

Depends on: 1520523
No longer depends on: 1476372

This is fixed in Bug 1520523:

Creating a patch to promote all Raptor tp6 tests on Chromium on linuxx64 to 'tier 2' like the others.

Pushed by
Promote Raptor chromium tp6 linux64 jobs to tier 2 now that they are green; r=davehunt
Closed: 10 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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