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mozcrash doesn't do the right thing on Windows when Python is 64-bit and Firefox is 32-bit


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bug 1194935 added a minidumpwriter binary so that when we were using a 32-bit Python but building a 64-bit Firefox we could write minidumps of the Firefox process. The logic in the only builds that program for win64:

The mozcrash logic is written to look for it when the Python is a different word size than Firefox:

As it turns out, in bug 1413630 we updated our Windows builders to MozillaBuild 3.1, which includes a 64-bit Python, so now minidumpwriter *isn't* used for 64-bit builds, but that conditional trips for 32-bit builds and the binary is missing. I noticed this while looking at a log from bug 1408980:

15:45:05     INFO - E   mozcrash Using z:\build\build\src\obj-firefox\dist\bin\minidumpwriter.exe to write a dump to c:\users\task_1538229602\appdata\local\temp\xpc-other-pn6uef\ea9b5363-665c-453b-83e7-027ab9ae58e3.dmp for [4552]
15:45:05     INFO - E   mozcrash minidumpwriter not found in z:/build/build/src/obj-firefox\dist\bin

I'm filing this under mozcrash, but I guess alternately we could just change the logic to always build this binary on Windows, or to build it just for 32-bit Firefox since it's mostly useful for CI anyway.
Just building if for windows everywhere seems to be the easiest and least fragile thing here...
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Always build minidumpwriter on Windows to support 64 or 32 bit python. r=ted,firefox-build-system-reviewers
Closed: 3 years ago
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