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New Data Science Product


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We would like to create a new Data Science Product to be listed on the main enter bug page, similar to the Data Program & Tools. Here is the information:

Name of Product: Data Science

Classification: Client Software

Description: Requests for the Data Science Team. If you are unsure of which component to choose please select General.

List of Components:
1. General
Description: File here if you don't know
2. Shield/Experiment Collaboration
3. Review
Description: Get review from a member of the data science team
4. Investigation
Description: General research, exploration
5. Documentation

Security groups: Unknown?

In the body field for the product can we please pre-populate with:
"Brief description of the request:"

"Link to any assets:"

"Is there a specific data scientist you would like or someone who has helped to triage this request:"
Hi :jmok, I've created your product, and have a few follow-on questions.

1. Who are the people who should triage new bugs in each component? I have you down as the triage owner for the moment.

2. What's the description for the "Shield/Experiment Collaboration" component?

3. What's the description for the "Documentation" component?

4. Because a product must have at least one security group, I've assigned the Mozilla Staff security group as the default security group. So bugs marked with that security group can be read by anyone in the Mozilla Staff group (Mozilla and Pocket.)

5. By default the initial state of a bug in the product is "Unconfirmed" I can change that to "New" if you prefer. 

6. Here's a short link to the bug entry form pre-populated with the text you suggested:
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Hi :emceeaich, We are meeting on Friday to discuss the items you requested. I will update with another comment as soon as I have it.
Hi :emceeaich,

Here is the information you requested:
1. Please put Rebecca Weiss down as the triage owner for all components except "Documentation". Can you please add Ryan Harter as a triage owner on the "Documentation" component?
2. Description for "Shield/Experiment Collaboration" component: "Requests for a data scientist consultants for shield experiments"
3. Description for "Documentation" component: "Request documentation for data science best practices or tools"
4. OK
5. New would be great

Please let me know if you need any other information.
Done. Let me know if you need anything else.
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Hi :emceeaich,

We were hoping to get this new request form added as an icon on the new bug landing page ( similar to the "Data Platform and Tools". Is this possible as well?
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