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Add a browsingContext getter to the browser element


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Right now, the parent process has access to the BrowsingContext tree, but without much information other than the ids.

The test suggests that, right now, the way to find the <browser> -> browsingContext association is to do a round-trip to the content process to ask what is the id of the top-level browsingContext related to that browser.

I imagine this association will directly be available in the parent somewhere in the future (probably not in the front-end), but in the meantime we can have a simple solution to this, similar to how the outerWindowId is already handled.

The main use case is to implement a feature like the Page Info for Fission, which requires information from all child frames, like so:

- get the browsingContext related to this browser
- through it, get the ids of all children browsing contexts
- using the API from bug 1493984 (which uses browsing contexts ids), send a message to all child frames
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Add a browsingContext getter to the browser element. r=farre
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