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Use target.getFront in tests in devtools/server/tests/mochitest


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We need to migrate these front instantiations to getFront wherever possible:*Front%5C(&case=false&regexp=true&path=devtools%2Fserver%2Ftests%2Fmochitest
Blocks: 1485383
This is part 1 of bug 1497545, and covers the most difficult case, which is migrating
attachURL to something a bit more modern and easier to read. The goal is to make our tests more
consistant with our code base now, and keep these tests maintainable.
This patch converts all getInspector locations

Depends on D8369
In this patch, I converted the call sites where there was an obvious target. I left out
those where there wasn't one... Should these be converted as well?

Depends on D8369
Summary: Use target.getFront in tests in devtools/server/tests/browser → Use target.getFront in tests in devtools/server/tests/mochitest
Depends on D8374
Depends on D8542
Pushed by
update inspector-helper attachURL to provide a target; r=ochameau
Use getInspector in devtools/server/tests/mochitest r=ochameau
remove client and cleanup from attachURL; r=ochameau
Use getFront for Framerate Front where possible; r=ochameau
clean up framerate tests; r=ochameau
Flags: qe-verify-
Whiteboard: dt-fission
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