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Simplify logic around shipping phases and associated scopes.


(Firefox Build System :: Task Configuration, task)

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(firefox-esr60 fixed, firefox64 fixed)

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The phase of a task doesn't depend on which phase graph it is being generated in.
- `beetmover-cdns should always use `:beetmover:action:push-to-releases`,
  not every task that happens to be part of the push graph.
- All other beetmover scopes only change depending whether the builds is
  a nightly build, or on a production branch.
These were originally built in the promotion phase because they are multi-l10n
builds and the L10n information wasn't stored in-tree. Now that the information
is in-tree, there is no reason to delay building them.
All the required on-push jobs will be pulled into the graph as dependencies.
The effect of this is to remove the upload symbols and generated sources tasks
from the release promotion graphs.
Attachment #9016085 - Attachment description: Bug 1498019: [release] Don't handle beetmover scopes by target task. → Bug 1498019: [release] Don't handle beetmover scopes by target task;
Pushed by
[release] Don't set shipping phase based on target_tasks; r=aki
[release] Don't handle beetmover scopes by target task; r=aki
[release] Build fennec on-push, on release branches; r=aki
[release] Don't include on-push jobs in promote graph targets; r=aki
Depends on: 1501625
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