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Merge code paths for deciding when to run configure between tup and make


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These should already be equivalent because they get their dependencies from the same place. Let's clean up the calling code so we don't have to rely on for this anymore.
While writing this patch it stops making sense for the make build system to know about config.status at all, including various checks we have that will cause configure to run if config.status is out of date. This could be an issue for people relying on "make" as an entry point to the build system, but I'm going to assume in this patch that while we probably want the entry points "make" and "configure", reducing the lengths a bare "make" invocation will go to ensure configure is up to date is ok.
This addresses a related issue along the way: a build that results in running
configure would not update the value of self.config_environment (and therefore
self.substs) as seen from the build driver, so out of date values would have
been used.

The changes to and made exploit the assumption that by
he time anything in the Make build is running, config.status is up to date.
Users running "make" without the benefit of "mach" will need to manually run
configure when necessary in order to take this into account.
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Merge code paths for running configure between Tup and Make based backends. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal
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