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Steps to reproduce:

Upgrade from version 52 to 60 (Debian ESR).

Actual results:

Upon restoring my session, https pages are just blank. Reload does nothing, but electing the URL and pressing enter loads them. I've done this with two profiles and it's happened both times.

Expected results:

They should load automatically when I select the tab.

Comment 1

9 months ago
Oddly, some tabs with https URLs do load OK from the session restore, with no discernible pattern - it's not consistent within a domain.
Component: Untriaged → Session Restore
Can you still reproduce this with your profiles on the current release or nightly? any extension involved? if you can still reproduce and your history isnt sensitive it might help to send me your session restore file? (
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Comment 3

8 months ago
I still have tabs in my history that when accessed don't load. My session restore is 11MB compressed and reasonably sensitive, however here's an example tab (pulled from recovery.jsonlz4):

{"entries":[{"url":"","title":"office 365 message history misisng - Google Search","ID":107854484,"docshellUUID":"{1f92664c-ec42-4eb3-b715-96c3b3acf61e}","originalURI":"","resultPrincipalURI":null,"triggeringPrincipal_base64":"SmIS26zLEdO3ZQBgsLbOywAAAAAAAAAAwAAAAAAAAEY=","docIdentifier":881,"persist":true}],"lastAccessed":1542001129770,"hidden":false,"mediaBlocked":true,"attributes":{},"userContextId":0,"index":1,"scroll":{"scroll":"0,684"},"userTypedValue":"","userTypedClear":0,"image":"","iconLoadingPrincipal":"SmIS26zLEdO3ZQBgsLbOywAAAAAAAAAAwAAAAAAAAEY="}

The actual URL the tab has is

which as you can see is not what's in the history entry. I know it is that entry since the ones before and after match the tabs before and after the one that fails to load. I pulled the pre-upgrade history and it has that URL, as well as the tab history (ie the back navigation) which I noticed that the v60 session doesn't have (either in the browser or the jsonlz4). So perhaps that's a hint. I can try and extract that tab from the old history if you have thoughts on how to easily edit a 56MB single-line file (vim is very slow).
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Comment 4

7 months ago
So thinking about it, this is dataloss since the back/forward history is gone.

What would be the easiest way to test it? Make a copy (a backup of) my existing profile and then open it with a tarball nightly?

Comment 5

6 months ago
I found a much smaller profile from my Windows laptop that had also gone 52-60 and has the same problem, I'll try and reproduce and then send it through.

Yup opening the profile in a tarball should be a good way to reproduce, sounds good getting a smaller profile to reproduce, once we have steps we can reproduce can get this on the backlog

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