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add words to en-US.dic


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    SCOWL 3-stars & in en-US_large.

bizarro - Bizarre
    ‘Thanks (I think!) to a new fan for sending this bizarro thing to me.’

customizable - Able to be modified to suit a particular individual or task.
    ‘The company offers customizable benefits packages.’

en masse - In a group, altogether.
    ‘the board of directors resigned en masse’

gadzooks - an exclamation of excitement
    ‘What's so bizarre about members of the public, shock horror, enjoying a film with a storyline that can be followed on gadzooks! - one viewing without having to buy the accompanying crib notes?’
    ‘Older people have more time, more money, and now - gadzooks!’

iatrogenic - Relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment.
    ‘drugs may cause side effects which can lead to iatrogenic disease’

overbroad - Of an accent: too broad. rare.

pro bono - Denoting work undertaken without charge, especially legal work for a client on low income.
    [as adverb] ‘the attorneys are representing him pro bono’
    [as adjective] ‘pro bono legal services’


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::: extensions/spellcheck/locales/en-US/hunspell/en-US.dic
@@ +16924,5 @@
>  biweekly/SM
>  biyearly
>  biz/M
>  bizarre/Y
> +bizarro

I think this isn't a suitable addition to the spellchecker dictionary because it is a less common variant of "bizarre" and including it would run the chance of suggesting "bizarro" as a spelling suggestion where the user meant to type "bizarre".  This is another one of those cases where even though the word itself is a valid English word, adding it to a spellchecking dictionary will probably do more harm than good due to its similarity to another more commonly used word.

@@ +27607,5 @@
>  gadfly/SM
>  gadget/SM
>  gadgetry/M
>  gadolinium/M
> +gadzooks

gadzooks seems to be an archaic phrase, not used in modern English.  Not sure why you included it here?  It also appears to be used uppercase only.

My suggestion is to exclude it from the spellchecker dictionary.  This doesn't seem like a phrase that our users would commonly type in a textbox on a web page in modern times.
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