[meta] [remote-dbg-next] UX Review and polish for new about:debugging



10 months ago
2 months ago


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We should review the UX of the new about:debugging when we finalize the USB debugging experience.

This is a blocker for sending our localization files to review. We assume that after the initial UX review, most of our localized strings should be close to final.
Belén: you mentioned this could be split in sections by page or high-level components. If you have time to split it roughly before Tuesday that would be great for the planning. Mostly to get an idea about how many bugs we need, it's not a big deal if the bugs themselves are not detailed.
Flags: needinfo?(balbeza)
Depends on: 1501637
Depends on: 1501638
Depends on: 1501639
Depends on: 1501640
Note: starting with #1501637 will probably make the others easier
Flags: needinfo?(balbeza)
No longer depends on: 1501637
Depends on: 1501637
Priority: -- → P2
Switching this to meta, removing priority.
Keywords: meta
Priority: P2 → --
Depends on: 1505123
Depends on: 1505124
Depends on: 1505125
Depends on: 1505126
Summary: [remote-dbg-next] UX Review and polish for new about:debugging → [meta] [remote-dbg-next] UX Review and polish for new about:debugging
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