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Read Only calendar all day end date one day too long in dialog


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Lightning 5.4
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Steps to reproduce:

I set calendars to read only (right click on calendar -> Properties -> Check "Read Only").

Actual results:

if double clicking on a all-day event the end date is one day too late. if only hovering over the event with the mouse pointer the end date is displayed correctly. when unchecking "Read Only" in the edit dialog the end date is displayed correctly.

Expected results:

the end date should be displayed correctly.

i tested on local calendars, CalDAV and iCal calendars, no difference there. tested on two systems:

system 1: linux mint 18, tb 52.9.1 (64bit), lightning 5.4
system 2: windows 7 pro, tb 52.9.1 (32bit), lightning

no difference there. the following bug might be related:

this historic bug report is also about wrong end dates:
Confirming. The attached patch takes care.

The fix of the getter is unrelated - just doing it when touching that code, though it shouldn't matter since we don't use it anyway.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1092554
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All-day items are displayed one day too long in summary dialog. r=philipp
Closed: 2 years ago
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Target Milestone: --- → 6.6
TB 60.3 ESR, Cal 6.2.3.

Need to fix the target here.
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Target Milestone: 6.6 → 6.2.2
Yes, we still need to update the milestones - just add a whiteboard comment like this for the moment, I'll take care of updateing the targets later when we have it.
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Whiteboard: [update taget milestone: 6.3]
Whiteboard: [update taget milestone: 6.3] → [update taget milestone: 6.2.3]
Comment on attachment 9016290 [details] [diff] [review]

Too late for 63/6.5 beta now.
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Target Milestone: → 6.2.3
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