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Caret disappears after consecutive clicks on contenteditable


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Steps to reproduce:

I create a contenteditable element with a child that contains a <br /> tag. Then I click on the contenteditable tag consecutively.

    <main contentEditable>
        <br />

Here's a codesandbox to reproduce the issue ->

Actual results:

The caret disappears

Expected results:

The caret should display, blinking.
It is because a new line character is selected by double/triple click(you say click consecutively). So now the caret disappears.
The selection is also invisible, because width of the new line character is zero.

so, I think this is expected results.
Component: Untriaged → Editor
Product: Firefox → Core
A br tag gets inserted by default when you press enter, so surely a disappearing cursor here can be considered a bug?

This can also be reproduced with the default editor on, or on
Priority: -- → P5
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