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Streamline Android configure post Gradle


(Firefox Build System :: Android Studio and Gradle Integration, enhancement)

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The Android build landscape has totally changed now that we always use Gradle to build.  We no longer invoke:
- javac
- javah
- jar
at all: all compilation and packaging is handled by Gradle and its plugins, and those plugins are fetched dynamically.  We no longer require a particular Android platform, nor a particular version of the Android build-tools, for the same reasons -- they are all fetched dynamically.

This should all mean that we can simplify radically.
The build system no longer invokes these directly: they're all fetched
and invoked by Gradle and its plugins.
There's no need -- it will be fetched by Gradle when needed.  The only
wrinkle is that the user might be asked to confirm license agreements,
which could be a hassle (and could cause problems in CI, but there we
install relevant platforms in advance).

Depends on D14287
Nothing is actually using the value of EMULATOR from the build system.

Depends on D14288
We don't care anymore: the Gradle build fetches an appropriate version
of the build-tools package, and the one build-tool we actually use --
zipalign -- isn't version sensitive.

Depends on D14289
Attachment #9030839 - Attachment description: Bug 1498406 - Part 4: Purge unused ANDROID_BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION. → Bug 1498406 - Part 3: Purge unused ANDROID_BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION.
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Part 1: Don't check for javac, javah, jar. r=froydnj
Part 2: Don't check for Android platform in configure. r=froydnj
Part 3: Purge unused ANDROID_BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION. r=froydnj
Assignee: nobody → nalexander
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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox Build System
Target Milestone: Firefox 66 → mozilla66
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