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Remove OSX special-casing for web-platform-test chunking


(Firefox Build System :: Task Configuration, task)

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(firefox-esr60 fixed, firefox64 fixed)

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We have this weird situation at the moment were OSX opt builds run wpt in 5 chunk, debug builds in 10 chunks, and Nightly builds in 12. This is because there's some OSX special-casing going back to the buildbot days for opt & debug builds and a default condition specifying 12.

OSX chunks run much longer than other platforms as a result (and I only noticed this discrepancy while waiting on them to finish during a tree closure situation) and I think we should just remove the special-casing and bring them in line with all the other plaforms.
Joel, I'm posting a patch for you to review. If you disagree with the general premise, feel free to r- and just wontfix the bug :).
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I don't have an opinion on whether this change makes sense. I suspect the reasoning behind having less chunks for osx is that we have a fixed number of workers (since they are hardware workers). Having tests split in to less chunks (which is true of many tests, not just wpt) means that no one push can monopolize all the testers. I'm not sure if this tradeoff makes sense, still, or if we have enough workers that it isn't a concern.
It also saves on setup/teardown overhead, I expect, which is important with a fixed set of available machine-hours.
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Adjust the number of OSX wpt chunks for more consistent runtimes with other platforms. r=jmaher
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