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History search field in SeaMonkey 2.49.4 missing under macOS


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(seamonkey2.49esr fixed, seamonkey2.53 unaffected)

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seamonkey2.49esr --- fixed
seamonkey2.53 --- unaffected


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Unfortunately Bug 1457312 caused a regression on macOS where the search box now is no longer shown.

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1457312 +++

Fixed for 2.53 and up in Bug 1378089 by showing a unified view. This is 2.49 only at this point in time.

Search in bookmarks is shown in the menu in the bookmarks manager and on a separate toolbar in the history page.
This works fine with just type="menubar" under Windows but not under macOS. Using the same attributes as the bookmarks menu/toolbar seems to work ok here. Tested under Windows and macOS 10.14.

This is for 2.49 comm-esr52 only. 2.53 and up use the ported library.
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Summary: The bookmarks and history search fields are inconsistent with each other. → History search field in SeaMonkey 2.49.4 missing under macOS
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I don't have a 2.49 tree handy atm, can you post a screenshot? The window should be unified and the search field should really be at the right (but it's at the left in 2.49.1, so I guess we could live with it being at the left...).
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btw - the reason the toolbar vanished is because of this: (instead widget code puts the menubar at the top of the screen).
Bookmarks and History now look exactly the same. The search field is on the right in a separate bar in the Window. Only in Windows both are at the right of the menubar.
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The test build I baked yesterday is now on Bills page:
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Nice, thanks.
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Target 2.49.5 comm-esr52 only patch
Closed: Last year
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I'm surprised to see this listed as fixed: I was not having this problem on whatever build I was using before, but just upgraded to 2.49 last night, and NOW I have this problem! Search in bookmarks still works fine, and yes I found the sidebar hack on the SM forums, but there is no search field in the shift-command-H history which is what I've always used in the past.

I'm surprised to see this listed as fixed:

It is fixed for 2.49.5. We are still having fun building it.

If you want you can try the unofficial build:

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