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Brief description of the request:

This is much broader than a typical dashboard request.  We aim to develop a framework for thinking about growth metrics, standardize the metrics and dimensions they are computed over, and develop a prototype dashboard that can then be productionized to provide self-service growth metric reporting.

Link to any assets:

Requirements Doc in progress: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o4KF9OEH8zkeweT_VStXOuA1kxlHYLNCbnRXeNRF0xI/

Is there a specific data scientist you would like or someone who has helped to triage this request:

Jesse McCrosky initiated and is working on this.
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Gave presentation on initial prototype.  Next step is to meet with mreid about implementation of next prototype.  Will follow-up on roadmap once we figure things out.

The prototype itself: https://dbc-caf9527b-e073.cloud.databricks.com/#notebook/41176/
The requirements doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o4KF9OEH8zkeweT_VStXOuA1kxlHYLNCbnRXeNRF0xI/
A few historical docs for context. We attempted to build growth dashboards a few times in the past. 

The challenges we ran into the past were:

1) The dashboards usually only contained pieces of metrics and wasn't comprehensive of the entire user experience.

2) Other teams continued to create queries and dashboards and no one knew which was the "source of truth".

3) Product and marketing didn't have alignment on growth metrics.

2015 growth dashboard work:





Thanks for the references Chris.  It's good to know what's been tried in the past and I imagine a lot of the thinking that went into those older designs will be useful today.

I agree that the challenges you mention are relevant as well and we should constantly keep them in mind.

With that said, what we are doing now is different.  I think there has been some confusion around the use of the term "dashboard" - most dashboards at Mozilla are designed to make some particular and fixed set of information available.  What we are building here is something broader - we've used the term "meta-dashboard", although we clearly need a better term ;)  This will be a *tool* that will enable a broad audience to generate plots/tables/tests for a very wide range of different information.  The key word is "accessibility" - we want to make it easy for anyone to extract exactly the growth information they need.

Also, this project is part of a broader effort that will involve overhauling all our metrics, schema, and related documentation.  This dashboard will fit into a coherent system that will hopefully help demonstrate authority as a "source of truth".

And, yes, let's definitely keep marketing on board.  I've talked to Daniel and a couple people on his team about this already and we'll make sure we continue to work together.
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This was completed with the prototype here: https://dbc-caf9527b-e073.cloud.databricks.com/#notebook/41176/command/41330

I'll close this bug. I'll open a new one for my work on the Smoot dashboard. Will let Daniel or someone open one for the KPI dashboard.

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