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[Clang-Tidy] Disable 'readability-implicit-bool-conversion' check


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I personally like this rule, but our coding style is the opposite:

> When testing a pointer, use `(!myPtr)` or `(myPtr)`;
> don't use `myPtr != nullptr` or `myPtr == nullptr`. the warnings are just noise.
Oh, I guess this check enforces multiple rules, some of which we want to keep. Hmm.

Here's an example of an incorrect report:
See Also: → 1478840
<marco> ah this bug again
<marco> I think we've disabled it
<jorendorff> oh cool
<marco> jorendorff: if you rebase on top of latest mozilla-central you should not see it reported anymore
Flags: needinfo?(jorendorff)
Assignee: nobody → bpostelnicu
Jason I did an 'arc patch D8887' and indeed in that revision we don't have the mitigation flags for 'readability-implicit-bool-conversion' could you please rebase your patch on 'm-c' and push it again to phabricator?
I got three emails from reviewbot about this yesterday in bug 1448880.

For example,

These patches were rebased onto mozilla-central yesterday.
Flags: needinfo?(jorendorff) → needinfo?(bpostelnicu)
Fwiw, this is causing so much mail spam from phabricator it's drowning out almost all the signal for me...
I will disable this checker until we don’t have a working solution to avoid this false positive.
Flags: needinfo?(bpostelnicu)
Sorry again for the noise that this checker has created, I've wrote the patch that disables this, let's make sure we don't regress:
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[Clang-Tidy] Disable 'readability-implicit-bool-conversion' check. r=sylvestre
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Product: Firefox Build System → Developer Infrastructure
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