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Enable commented out assert in devtools/server/tests/mochitest/test_inspector-retain.html


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Bug 1499096 will switch a call to ok() to is(). Most likely intended by the author of the test, but the assert fails at the moment:

  // ok(err, "noSuchActor", "Should have lost the race.");

The assert was commented out because it is not clear what the compared value should be.
Component: General → Marionette
Product: Firefox → Testing
Component: Marionette → General
Product: Testing → Firefox
Hi Andreas,

Marionette is the common component for the automated tests. Is it not correct? If not, isn't there a more appropriate component for the implementation of automated test?
Flags: needinfo?(ato)
Testing :: Marionette is a component for tests backed by the
Marionette [1] remote protocol, but not for _any_ tests.
devtools/server/tests/mochitest/test_inspector-retain.html is a
mochitest, but that also does not imply that it is a bug related
to the mochitest harness itself.

I think this is referring to fixing up a unit test in devtools, so
the appropriate component for this bug is likely going to be somewhere
in devtools.

Flags: needinfo?(ato)
Priority: P3 → --
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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