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2.18 Release Notes Bug


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Bugzilla 2.18


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2.17/2.18 Release Notes.

Please enter only changes from the 2.16 release notes in docs/rel_notes.txt.

I expect the following to be documented:

- all significant fixes and enhancements implemented
- all changes to the deprecated features and outstanding major problems
- changes in software dependency requirements
Priority: -- → P1
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
Alias: bz-2.18-relnotes
*** Bug 159789 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
We have bumped a /lot/ of minimum versions for modules this cycle.  We need to
make sure we mention that :)
Hmmm, we should probably start working on fixing up the release notes now... 
there's been enough changes this time around it'll probably take between now and
when we release to get it all updated.
Flags: blocking2.18+
Depends on: 181589
Depends on: 233962
ping MattyT: gonna have time to mess with this?  It'll be a rather huge job this
time, and we're running out of time.
Prerequisites only change from what is in docs/rel_notes.txt is...
CGI 2.93

Depends on: 250840
Note the changes to the release notes I checked in on bug 254360, comment 1.
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I think Matty said we messed this all up when we did it for the rc1 release. All
the "upgrading from older versions" stuff disappeared, for one.
Can we please remember to put in the release notes or release announcement a
link to It could do with the
publicity. We have 350 installations listed now; I think we could double or
triple that number easily.

The full list is not visible at my side.  Only a lot of newlines with some <br>
Oops. My mistake - fixed in CVS. Sorry about that :-( Try again in five minutes.

Last time I checked, we have one major issue that needs mention in the release
notes that isn't yet, and that's how the permissions work with the new charting

MattyT also had a bunch of stuff he wanted done to it (he was complaining about
the upgrade notes from prior versions disappearing out of it, and those still
need to be there, so they need to get put back).
I'll work on now updating what needs to be updated. I think we have most things
in there. I have never used the new charting system, so I'd need some help with
that, unless there's already docs on it that I can read or point people to.
Attached patch Basic Relnotes patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch includes everything I could find by looking at bugs fixed with a
Target Milestone of 2.18, that wasn't already in the Release Notes.

Now all that remains is getting some docs on how the charting permissions work,
which should probably be done by Gerv since he understands bug 225687.
Actually, one small fix that can be made on checkin:

It really *should* be "over two years" and not "over three years" like I changed
it to. The release status update for 2.16 is dated 2002-07-28.
OK, I've discussed this with gerv and he's going to write the notes tomorrow,
his time.

I also realized that I have a bit more extensive work to do to make these notes
as comprehensive as the 2.16 notes.
Assignee: justdave → mkanat
Attached patch Major Relnotes Work (obsolete) — Splinter Review
OK, this is actually almost all of the relnote work that needs to be done. I
added back in all of the information that got cut out, and looked over a
ZILLION bugs and created the "Outstanding Issues" list. I also re-worked the
Upgrade Instructions a bit to be easier.

This needs two things:

1) A description of how the charting stuff that *IS* implemented works. This
can go as a FEW SENTENCES underneath the "Generic Charting" section of new

2) A FEW SENTENCES where I've put "FIXME" in the current patch, to address the
lack of a UI for certain New Chart stuff.
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Attached patch Version 3 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I made a few corrections and additions. The input from Gerv is still needed,
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Here's the FIXME part:

- bug 276230: The support for restricting access to particular Categories of New
Charts is not complete. You should treat the 'chartgroup' Param as the only
access mechanism available. However, additionally, migrated charts will be
restricted to the groups that are marked MANDATORY for the corresponding
Product. There is currently no way to change this restriction, and the groupings
will not be updated if the group configuration for the Product changes.

> +- (No Bug Number) If you have a lot of non-ASCII data in your Bugzilla, don't
> +  enable the XS::Stash option when you install the Template Toolkit, or your 
> +  Bugzilla installation may become slow.

Weren't we going to tell people not to turn on XS::Stash if they were using a
non-ISO-8859-1 localisation?

What's New?

Generic Charting

Bugzilla has a new mechanism for generating charts (graphs over time) of any
arbitrary search. This is known in the UI as "New Charts". The old charting
mechanism ("Old Charts") remains, but is deprecated and will be removed soon.
Legacy data from the old is migrated into the new at the time of upgrade, and
the two run in parallel.

New personal charts can be defined by anyone who is a member of the group given
in the Param 'chartgroup'. These have a maximum frequency for data collection of
7 days. Charts created by an administrator can be made public (visible to all)
by that administrator, and have a maximum frequency of 1 day.

The data is collected by the script, which an administrator will
need to arrange to be run every day (see the manual). Chart data can be plotted
in a number of different ways, and different data sets can be plotted on the
same graph for comparison.

Please see the Known Bugs section for some important limitations relating to
access controls on charts.
Attached patch Version 4 (Complete) (obsolete) — Splinter Review
OK, this version is complete, as far as I know. I added all of Gerv's
contributions. I edited them slightly so that they would be even clearer.
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Blocks: 277615
+Individual users can create charts as long as they are a member of the group
+specified in the Param 'chartgroup'. Data can be collected for personal charts 
+every seven days or more (as set by the user). Charts created by an 
+administrator can be made public (visible to all). Data is collected for 
+administrator charts every one day or more (as set by the admin).

This rewrite isn't quite correct. Individual users can only _see_ or create (I'd
use 'use') New Charts if they are a member of chartgroup. 

"Or more" is ambiguous; it seems to me to mean "or more frequently". That's why
I used "maximum frequency", but I admit, this isn't an easy one. How about just
leaving that part out? :-) Just say the bit about public-ness.

+Bugzilla now includes a very simple "Find a Specific Bug" page, in addition to
+its advanced search page.

Describe it as "Google-like" - then everyone will know what it is and why it's cool.

Depends on: 276237
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Attached patch Version 5Splinter Review
OK, I've added:

1) Gerv's notes
2) A note about fixing series (see bug 276237)
3) The security advisory

I'm pretty sure that these are ready to go out, now.
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No longer depends on: 276237
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Checking in docs/rel_notes.txt;
new revision:; previous revision:
Closed: 18 years ago
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