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Consider reading extensions.webextensions.remote once


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Our code is not designed to account for changes to the extensions.webextensions.remote preference when an extension has started.

Bug 1501375 is an example of a shutdown hang caused by an unexpected preference value flip.

We should consider reading the preference value only once (at start-up), and fix our tests to not rely on the ability to flip the preference value at runtime.
Priority: -- → P2
Assignee: nobody → rob
Blocks: 1501375
See Also: 1501375
Priority: P2 → P3

This pref is probably going to be removed soon, when we drop (testing) support for in-process WebExtensions.

Blocks: 1609474

(In reply to Rob Wu [:robwu] from comment #1)

This pref is probably going to be removed soon, when we drop (testing) support for in-process WebExtensions.

Do we have a bug on that, and is something for android blocking it?

See Also: → 1535365

The devtools tests are already unconditionally disabled (bug 1467313),
so there is no loss of coverage by removing the in-process test

The other two tests already pass without disabling remote extensions.

This is the counterpart to test_verify_remote_mode.html

There will be a follow-up to remove support for the preference on desktop in bug 1613141.

See Also: → 1613141
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Remove runtime changes to remote extension pref in mochitests r=mixedpuppy
Test to verify that mochitests run with in-process extensions r=mixedpuppy
Read extensions.webextensions.remote once r=mixedpuppy
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla74


Will this fix require manual validation? If yes, please provide some steps to reproduce in order to correctly test it and also, please set the "qe-verify+" flag. Otherwise, could the "qe-verify-" flag be added?


Flags: needinfo?(rob)

Covered by automated tests.

Flags: needinfo?(rob) → qe-verify-
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