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More tweaks for raptor gecko profiling support


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Gecko profiling support in Raptor needs more tweaks, see:
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(In reply to Robert Wood [:rwood] from comment #3)

Hey Markus, this patch stops/starts the profiler between pagecycles (and has increased entries). Looks better to me - would you mind having a quick look at some profiles on this ^ try run and confirm they look better now? Thanks!
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The starting and stopping seems to work correctly.

But I can still see lots of profiles that are incomplete due to a too small buffer size. I think the number of entries needs to be increased even more.
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(In reply to Markus Stange [:mstange] from comment #5)

Thanks Markus - ok, yes I see what you mean. I will keep increasing entries and re-trying until the profiles are complete.
(In reply to Robert Wood [:rwood] from comment #6)

I went through all profiles for all the raptor jobs on osx and win10; looking for 'sendResult' inside the gecko profile (that is called in raptor for each measurement taken in pageload tests, and once for the benchmark tests).

Still have to increase gecko profile entries for the following:

gdocs (all pages)
tp6 (all pages)
wasm godot

Note: raptor wm, wm-b, wm-i (wasm.. tests only on linux) don't even show any content thread in the profiles. Not worrying about that for now.
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I don't think I'm reading these right, sometimes I can find 'sendResult' but not everytime even with a huge number of entries. I'm just going to land this after this next try run. However if it is found that some profiles generated by raptor tests are not sufficient, please feel free to file bugs against that specific test, with suggestions for the gecko profile buffer/number of entries, thanks!
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More tweaks for raptor gecko profiling support; r=jmaher
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