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Talkback comes up on exit on linux


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Imported into Bugzilla on 09/27/99 16:02)

Talkback is coming up on exit in today's linux commericial build. I can't
actually tell if it's a crash on exit, or just a bug in talkback, but it doesn't
look like a crash.

This is 092408 build.

------- Additional Comments From chofmann  Sep-27-1999 11:10 -------

crash on exit might be harder to view...
if this is new, might be related to dp/dveditz changes over the weekend.
can we get a stack trace produce by talkback?

------- Additional Comments From paulmac  Sep-27-1999 11:16 -------

This is all I get out of the talkback report (linked to above):

 Trigger Type:  Program Crash

 Trigger Reason:  SIGSEGV: Segmentation Fault: (signal 11)

 Call Stack:    (Signature = 0x4049c45c f8028444)

   0x4049c45c   0x17cb9 (0x401e1cb9)

------- Additional Comments From dp  Sep-27-1999 11:55 -------

The shutdown crash I saw on my linux machine was due to CNavDTD statics. Kipps
checkin was supposed to fix that.

This is the static dtors triggering. I suppose this can happen on release builds
too. These have been in the tree forever and some of us see them.

I am building now. Will confirm this theory.

------- Additional Comments From namachi  Sep-27-1999 13:41 -------

Is there a reproduicble steps or Launching and Shutdown should crash ?

------- Additional Comments From paulmac  Sep-27-1999 14:02 -------

launch and shutting down will do it. as dp said, maybe this has been around
forever, but we really don't notice it on release builds.

------- Additional Comments From dp  Sep-27-1999 15:59 -------

Yup I crash after main returns. And the stack trace looks so much like the
static destructor thing.
Assignee: namachi → dp
Target Milestone: M10
Assignee: dp → ramiro
Ramiro is debugging this. He already has a patch for one of the instances of
static in CNavDTD.cpp Thanks ramiro.
This actually isn't happening on 9/29 M10 build, i.e., talkback is not coming up
on exit anymore. However, I'm not sure if ramiro is looking at something else,
so I will leave this bug open and let him or dp mark this resolved...
I did see talkback come up on exit on Win32 using the 1999093012 build.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
XPCOM was fixed to not unload dlls on exit. That fixed this as the problem was
static dtors firing.

Let us mark this fixed and open a different bug for static dtors.

Ramiro ok ?
Cpratt, core dump on exit on windows should be a separate bug if you are seeing
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