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Enable Speedometer and Unity on Android hardware for built-projects


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With bug 1499246 (soon to be) resolved and greenish runs on g5 and p2 for sp and ugl <>, I think we can enable sp and ugl on built-projects. We can leave g5 as tier 3 and p2 as tier 2 for now.

I believe we have sufficient capacity to run these with jittest on aarch64 p2 on try and mozilla-central when/if it is re-enabled with capacity to spare for battery tests.
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my only question here is related to the g5- is it stable enough to run per commit and be tier-1?
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I believe it can run per commit and tier 2 but not tier 1. We will start it at tier 3 in order to get some experience before making it more visible.

My try runs from Sunday were pretty good with the full set of g5s with perhaps a 5% failure to get raptor results but my testing this morning attempting to bring up the jittests on g5 for try have shown a higher rate of failure. That may be adjustable by choosing the devices in the pool or may be better if I can convince Chris that 32bit p2s are good enough for the jittests rather than attempting to run them on the g5s.

I'm running into scheduling issues between the perf and unit tests but am working on bug 1501350 to improve that. I am going to wait to land this until after bug 1501350 is resolved. I might be able to finish that before I leave for my appointments this morning. Otherwise I'll pick it up this evening.
I really don't want the jittests on g5, the g5 are meant for perf only- I see the relationship though- more load == more problems.

tier-3 is good- we can monitor for a week and move to tier-2.
agreed. I've suggested p2 arm7 is good enough in Bug 1454918.

android-hw is borked due to bug 1503209.
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Enable Speedometer and Unity on Android hardware for built-projects, r=jmaher.
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