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Extend telemetry probes TLS_EARLY_DATA_*


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1) What questions will you answer with this data?
TLS1.3 Early Data is a new feature and we want to follow it usage.

2) Why does Mozilla need to answer these questions? Are there benefits for users? Do we need this information to address product or business requirements? Some example responses:

    Determine whether a product or platform change has an effect on user or browser behavior.

3) What alternative methods did you consider to answer these questions? Why were they not sufficient?
 There is no alternative method.

4) Can current instrumentation answer these questions?


5) List all proposed measurements and indicate the category of data collection for each measurement, using the Firefox data collection categories on the Mozilla wiki.

Measurement Description 	Data Collection Category 	Tracking Bug #
TLS_EARLY_DATA_NEGOTIATED      Category 1 “Technical data”       none
TLS_EARLY_DATA_ACCEPTED        Category 1 “Technical data”       none
TLS_EARLY_DATA_BYTES_WRITTEN   Category 1 “Technical data”       none

6) How long will this data be collected? Choose one of the following:

    I want this data to be collected for 6 months initially (potentially renewable).

7) What populations will you measure? all

   Which release channels? all

   Which countries? all

   Which locales? all

   Any other filters? Please describe in detail below.

8) If this data collection is default on, what is the opt-out mechanism for users?
Disabling telemetry is the opt-out.

9) Please provide a general description of how you will analyze this data.
We will look at the usage of Early-Data, how often it is negotiated, accepted and how much data we write using Early-data.

10) Where do you intend to share the results of your analysis?
we may share the results publicly in a blog post, but otherwise it will only be used internally
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While these probes were initially added in bug 1296288, that was prior to the new data review process so thank you for filling out the new data review request form.


1) Is there or will there be **documentation** that describes the schema for the ultimate data set available publicly, complete and accurate?

Yes, in Histograms.json.

2) Is there a control mechanism that allows the user to turn the data collection on and off?

Yes, telemetry setting.

3) If the request is for permanent data collection, is there someone who will monitor the data over time?**

Not permanent.

4) Using the **[category system of data types](** on the Mozilla wiki, what collection type of data do the requested measurements fall under?  **

Category 1.

5) Is the data collection request for default-on or default-off?

Default ON, all channels.

6) Does the instrumentation include the addition of **any *new* identifiers** (whether anonymous or otherwise; e.g., username, random IDs, etc.  See the appendix for more details)?


7) Is the data collection covered by the existing Firefox privacy notice?


8) Does there need to be a check-in in the future to determine whether to renew the data?

No, telemetry alerts are sufficient.
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Extend TLS_EARLY_DATA_* telemetry probes. r=bagder
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