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Next and Previous start value may need to be definable by search plugin.


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The start value used by nsinternetsearchservice is 0 and needs to be 1 in order
for results to display and increment properly with excite.


If I read the code correctly it is in this section of code on line 4622 that the
value in question is set to 0:

4621   // XXX get page
4622   PRInt32 errorCode, index = 0;
4623   PRInt32 factorInt = factor.ToInteger(&errorCode);
4625   if (NS_SUCCEEDED(errorCode))
4626   {
4627     // if factor is garbled assume 10
4628     if (factorInt <= 0)
4629       factorInt = 10;
4631     if (direction < 0)
4632     {
4633       // don't pass back a negative index!
4634       if (0 <= (page - 1))
4635         --page;
4636     }
4637     index = factorInt * page;
4638   }
4640   return index;
4641 }

If the value  for "index" could be defined in the plugin instead of the program
assuming 0 is the correct value, it should solve the problem.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Place this search plugin in your mozilla searchplugins directory. 

# Start File Excite.src
# This is a beta search plugin and excite has been making changes to 
# their search service every few days lately, so there is no gaurantee
# that this plugin will work at all in the near future.

<input name="qkw" user>
<input name="qcat" value="web">
<input name="qk" value="20">
<inputnext name="qi" factor="20">
<inputprev name="qi" factor="20">
      browserResultType = "result"
	bannerStart="<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 border=0 width=96%>"

	resultListEnd="<br>	</font>"

      browserResultType = "result"
bannerStart="<!-- Banner Code---------- -->"
bannerEnd="<!-- ----------Copyright 2000, -->"

	resultListStart="<tr>	<td>"
	resultListEnd="</td>	</tr>	</table>"

# end Excite.src

2.  Perform search from sidebar or address bar using plugin.

Actual Results:  The results start at and display as 0.-18.

Expected Results:  The results should start at and display as 1.-20.
Please note that the search results display correctly if the following lines are
removed from the plugin:

<inputnext name="qi" factor="20">
<inputprev name="qi" factor="20">

However, removing those lines disables the next and previous buttons in the sidebar.
Summary: Next and Previous start value may need to be definable by search plugin. → Next and Previous start value may need to be definable by search plugin.
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ok, the following URL, however, displays perfectly, giving results 1-20:

This appears to be a classic "off by one" error, common where zero and one-index systems coexist. Excite's search result pages are 1-indexed (in actual fact, they display "qk" results from result "qi", inclusive, and don't seem to handle "qi=0").

What I would suggest is adding an "offset" property that simply offsets the factor. It should probably be called something else, though.

The "getIndex" function would set the index to index = (factor * page) + offset, with offset defaulting to zero. This avoids changing the behavior of existing plugins.

It might also be worth checking what the mac folks do in these cases, as I'm sure the sherlock "standard" was designed to take things like this into account.

It solves this particular case quickly and easily, and also allows for other search-engines that aren't zero-indexed in their additional results display. More complex search-engines (perhaps using letters to index results pages? who knows) can be dealt with when they become visible.

I'd offer to code this addition (searchservice.cpp seems well enough designed and commented to make an addition painless), but I'm unfamiliar with mozilla programming conventions, as well as how to actually create a patch.

Matthew, the "index" you observe being set to zero is only being set to that in preparation for "index = factorInt * page;" further down the function. This essentially gives you "currentresultspage * factor" which is correct in most cases, though in this case, one needs to be added for every page.

Another slight "bother" that I've noticed is that if the values in inputnext and inputprev have the same name, the value is placed in the URL twice. Is this broken? If so, I'll post a new bug for it.

Thanks sam,

On the issue of the value being placed in the URL twice.  In testing, if the
"name" is the same for both one only needs to define inputnext.  Inputprev will
assume the the same name and factor.  From AltaVista.src for example:

<inputnext name="stq" factor="10">

NOTE: The <inputprev> still needs to be there or the "Previous" button will be

Using similar code in your Google plugin should remove the annoyance without any
adverse affects.

Unless Apple Sherlock handles this differently or we can find a test case that
fails we most likely will get a won't fix.  


Does Apple handle this the same way?  

If not and a bug doesn't already exist for this, we need to submit a bug.
> if the values in inputnext and inputprev have the same name, the value
> is placed in the URL twice. Is this broken? If so, I'll post a new bug
> for it.

See the bug 151390 (Google-URL duplicates substring "start=0"), is this the same

On a sidenote, Sam, is there a way to break your long lines? it's very hard to
read your bug reports if we have to scroll horizontally. Thanks.
Added Sam to CC

Yes that is the issue.

Adding post to that discussion.

Sorry about the long lines.

I think I'll post it as a bug in bugzilla. It seems that when posting
via IE6.0 sp1 the lines do not wrap in the textarea. Rather, they do
wrap in the composition textarea, but the resulting bugzilla post
doesn't seem to match.

Posts seem to work fine from mozilla, though.

The other bug about the substrings is the same issue I mentioned, yes.

As far as I can tell the previous/next functionality is a mozilla extension to
the sherlock specification.  For instance I can find nothing about it in
<> and there is no similar
feature in the Sherlock application for MacOSX.

Depends on: 172120
Blocks: 172120
No longer depends on: 172120
Note that plugin is also affected by this bug though less severe.

Details:  First request for next results will show the same results you where
looking at.  On second attempt it will show the next results without skipped

FYI: please look at before
attempting to use the plugin with a nightly build.
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Attached patch patchSplinter Review
This patch adds allows for an optional adjust attribute for inputnext and
inputprev. I named the attribute adjust which I believe is consistent with the
attribute factor in that they both describe the operation to be performed. If
the attribute does not exist or doesn't successfully convert to an integer it
defaults to 0 so the behavior is consistent with the current behavior. I have
included the patch for bug 150337 in this patch and can remove it if this is
preferable. Thanks.
Attachment #174575 - Flags: superreview?(alecf)
Attachment #174575 - Flags: review?(caillon)
Attached file testcase for patch
The attached zip file has a search plugin I created for XUL Planet that uses
the adjust attribute. Just unzip and place the two files in your apps
searchplugins directory and with the patch applied it will adjust the URL param
for the next and previous results when using the Next and Previous buttons.
Comment on attachment 174575 [details] [diff] [review]

I started to work on fixing advanced mode next / previous functionality so I am
clearing the reviews. I also noticed that with the removal of the page
decrement that the direction argument is no longer needed. Comments on this as
well as the attached patch in progress are appreciated as always.
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Attachment #174575 - Flags: review?(caillon)
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