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Enable mochitest-media on android-hw-p2 for built-projects


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Up until the recent Bug 1502353 we had mochitest-media (mda) enabled on built-projects. Now that we have a stable environment it is time to re-enable them as tier 3 initially.
This carries forward several skips based on android version to include later versions which helps this pass on android-hw.


Up until Monday or so, we weren't seeing as bad a problem on these tests but either the other changes related to bitbar or something else has surfaced some of these older failures again.

The mda3 failure dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_enumerateDevices.html is something new I haven't seen before but it was only once out of 20 times this push. I think if it reoccurs we can file a normal intermittent bug on it and track it.

We can and should relax some of the android version restrictions in this manifest since we don't test on some of these versions any more but I'll leave that to another time.

gbrown: This might affect your android-em testing so thought you would be interested.
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Let's run this everywhere as tier 3 initially and tier 2 soon. That way we can more easily catch bustage due to taskcluster or releng changes and I will be able to delegate sheriffing to the actual sheriffs and not have to keep as close an eye on them personally. We have plenty of capacity for these as far as I can tell.
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The tests are api level 24, so these changes should help if we want to run mochitest-media there.
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glad to see things turned back on.
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Carry forward disabled mochitest-media tests for android-hw, r=jmaher, gbrown.
Enable mochitest-media on android-hw-p2 for built-projects, r=jmaher.
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