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Do something with PageMetadataChild.jsm / PageMetadata.jsm


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PageMetadataChild.jsm is currently broken, and has been like it since it shipped in 63. This is because it has an incorrect import for ActorChild.jsm:

(should be resource://gre/modules/ActorChild.jsm rather than resource://gre/actors/ActorChild.jsm).

Digging deeper, the messages it is designed to receive are never actually sent (PageMetadata:GetPageData, PageMetadata:GetMicroformats).

The last user appears to have been the Social API & related code.

We should either fix this & use it, or remove it. I'd was going to go for removing it, but the references below imply we could possibly be intending on using it...

Related bugs/Docs:

- Bug 1245446 - Drop microdata because it never got added to the spec (I assume this is Microformats).
-- However, there's a new draft of the spec from April 2018:
- Bug 1141782 - Use PageMetadata in Reader Mode.
Can you set a priority on this bug?

As the de facto owner of reader mode, I don't think we should worry about the reader mode impact here. We should just remove this stuff, as it's unused. People are contributing fixes to the reader mode code, which is more than I can say for PageMetadata.jsm.
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(plus, we could always resurrect it if there is a sudden interest in this being available to reader mode)
I think this is probably P2 ish, maybe a P3, but it is dead so let's do something with it sooner.

Having spoken to Mike (de Boer) earlier in the week, we also think it is reasonable just to drop it and pull it back later if we decide we need it.
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Priority: -- → P2
Depends on D14678
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Remove unused PageMetadata. r=Gijs
Remove unused microformats code. r=Gijs
Remove now unused nsIScriptableUnescapeHTML.idl. r=hsivonen
Depends on: 1515102
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