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Thunderbird 65.0

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Steps to reproduce:

I made the window narrower when the calendar was open on the right side.

Actual results:

When the calendar sidebar (?) is open (on the right) and the main window is sized narrower, the main tool bar "merges" with the calendar toolbar.  Image attached.  I say merges because the graphics & text appear to be rendered with transparent backgrounds, making both the calendar AND main toolbar items visible when they overlap.

Expected results:

(A) The main toolbar should have collapsed/condensed to avoid overlapping -OR-
(B) The main toolbar should have been truncated -OR-
(C) The window should not have allowed sizing below a size where both toolbars would fit.

Most likely, some intelligent combination of these things.
This is just for reference to show the exact version of thunderbird, downloaded and installed Oct 28, 2018.
I'm pretty sure I've seen a bug report within the past year but my search foo is not great tonight. Perhaps somene else can find it by modifying
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Not having any luck finding a previous bug report.

I also see the problem with the Mail toolbar overlapping the Today Pane using 64.0b1 on Ubuntu 18.04 just by minimizing the window.
This only happens after customizing the toolbar.

Most noticeable with "Icons Beside Text" selected. I only had to add "Next Unread" and "Previous" with "Icons Beside Text" for the overlapping to appear in TB 60 on the Windows 10 laptop.

Looking at the reporters screenshot I'm wondering if they have the Theme & Font Size Changer extension installed. It does affect the problem. With it disabled I was able to get one more item on the toolbar before the problem occurred.

If they can live with Icons only that would be a work around.
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OP here:  Under the Add-ons Manager, Extensions I have Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar.  I'm using the default theme and have never installed any others.  I have no plugins at all.  After quite a bit of hunting, I found that I did have Icons beside text set for the toolbars, but the overlap is still something that should not happen.

I have "fixed" it by removing the mail (and quick filter) tool bars, which I almost never use anyway.  I'm typically a keyboard short-cut kinda of person.  Thanks for the hints about tool bar settings -- without those I would have just continued to ignore the problem.  Now I have more screen space for my message list.
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I think, I know how to fix.
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Posted patch 1504088-stop-overflow.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This fixes it for me. I also tried to do different things on the toolbar like changing to icon and text etc. and saw no negative effects.

Maybe this is a regression of the toolbox/bar reworks in toolkit which already began in 60 or earlier.
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This applies on beta and ESR. Not tested but should work like on 65.
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Sorry, that patch doesn't apply.
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This patch applies on trunk too without my changes for an other bug.
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Stop overflowing the toolbars in main window. r=jorgk
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Looks better than the overlapping, but now goes under the Today Pane when enabled.

Worse with "Icons beside Text" selected in Customize or with more items on the toolbar.

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Probably no way to fix it so the Menu Button appears.
This is a XUL limitation and can be only fixed with the FX implementation of the overflow popup.
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OK, changed my mind. Richard, could you please prepare a patch including the removal of chromeclass-toolbar from aboutPreferences.xml#28
This should do it.
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OK, let's see how we go with this. CSS changes are harmless, I never believed it ;-)
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