Closed Bug 1504843 Opened Last year Closed Last year access causes Firefox Desktop raptor to crash with FATAL ERROR: Non-local network connections are disabled


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Bug 1501040 disabled non-local access in order to run an unsigned webext in beta. As a result when running raptor speedometer and other tests locally on Firefox the test terminates due to 

FATAL ERROR: Non-local network connections are disabled and a connection attempt to ( was made.

We can fix this by adding the 

user_pref("dom.push.connection.enabled", false);

pref to the raptor user.js preferences file.
This works for me locally though I don't know if there are other prefs we should be setting that might bite us in the future.
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Thanks :bc for tracking this down! More info for the bug, MOZ_DISSABLE_NONLOCAL_CONNECTIONS is set on beta and then turned off again after startup, but only turned off for pageload-type tests (tp6, gdocs) [1] since benchmark tests are accessed locally via localhost. Except for as you found out, when Firefox is trying to contact

The other option is to set MOZ_DISABLE_NONLOCAL_CONNECTIONS back to 0 (after startup) for benchmark type tests also. However maybe we should be setting this pref anyway - as you pointed out the same pref is already being set in /testing/profiles/unittest/user.js (which raptor doesn't use).

Correction - it's set everywhere, but we had to set it * for * running raptor on beta, since raptor is an unsigned web ext.
What I don't understand is why this is not showing up in production.
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[raptor] Disable access to to prevent non-local network access, r=rwood.
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