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Steps to reproduce:

Turn on the browser, browsing

Actual results:

Since Firefox 62.0 on macOS, Firefox is messing up with the bookmark bar. Bookmark bar website icons are changing the order by itself. Even if I drag them and change the order to original order, after a few minutes, it messes up again. 

Expected results:

The bookmark bar has to stay still if I don't touch it.


8 months ago
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
OS: Unspecified → Mac OS X
Hardware: Unspecified → Desktop
What add-ons do you have installed?

Do you use Firefox Sync?
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8 months ago
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Hardware: Desktop → Unspecified
Please answer the questions in comment 1.
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Comment 3

8 months ago
This is the list of the addons I've installed. 

- YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (Dev Edt.) :

- Youtube classic :

- ublock orgin :

- To Google Translate :

- MEGA :

- Media Converter and Muxer - Audio Tools :

- Grammarly for Firefox :

- Firefox Lightbeam :

- Facebook Container :

- 한국어를위한 Google 번역 : (This addon web page is deleted currently) 

- Chrome store foxified :

ㄴ I use some chrome store apps by this addons.
Chrome store apps:
 - 나무위키 도우미 (Namuwiki Helper) :

 - Social Book Post Mngr :

Comment 4

8 months ago
And also, I use Firefox Sync.
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Ok, I suspect this might be a Sync issue then, as I don't see any issues with the add-ons. Lina, can you take a look please?
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Bug 1505191 *might* be related, but it's a stretch...the old bookmarks engine uses a different function to reorder bookmarks, and we weren't bumping the timestamp; if your local clock is off, we might decide the server's version is newer when it's not. That also hasn't changed recently, so it's unlikely to be the issue. :-/

If you have cycles to help us debug (if you don't, that's totally OK, but we'd need the logs to understand what's going on), could you please follow the instructions to turn on trace logging in, change your bookmarks to the right order, and sync? When the wrong order comes back, please grab a ZIP file with the logs from About Sync, and attach them to this bug. Thanks.
Component: Bookmarks & History → Sync
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Comment 7

7 months ago
I got a log file in ZIP. The error has been gone since I deleted all bookmarks and recreated it. But the error happens again since today.

log file:!AizGpiiD0SwwiDy5bnW8Mpj-sdc-
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Comment 8

7 months ago
Please copy the link including '-' at the back. If you click on the link, the file would not show up.
This does seem odd to me. The logs show:

> 2018-12-01 16:34:39.879000 (219:24:30.787)	Sync.Engine.Bookmarks	TRACE	Downloading & applying server changes
> 2018-12-01 16:34:39.880000 (219:24:30.788)	Sync.Engine.Bookmarks	INFO	Records: 0 applied, 0 successfully, 0 failed to apply, 0 newly failed to apply, 0 reconciled.
> 2018-12-01 16:34:39.882000 (219:24:30.790)	Sync.Engine.Bookmarks	TRACE	Preparing 1 outgoing records
> 2018-12-01 16:34:39.932000 (219:24:30.840)	Sync.Engine.Bookmarks	TRACE	Outgoing: { id: toolbar  index: 1000000  modified: undefined  ttl: undefined  payload: {"id":"toolbar","type":"folder","parentid":"places","parentName":"","dateAdded":1504911615683,"title":"북마크 도구 모음","children":["sPFy7FpfUqcd","YQ9At_wu0Pbl","UjDY6P7bX2FL","y3wdtf-5q6AI","IZiHawlQvovW","t7kzut5QziCX","1lZX1rTMbsTy","aB7FciB75V7S","KzSc6eprbk54","Q0ztktUj05xd","h_DzvQsW_Vxm","cMB5TxD3Vk6k","F3Gq_5nlt2DE"]}  collection: bookmarks }

So with no incoming records, we uploaded only the toolbar. I'd expect that there would always be a child which needs to be uploaded when toolbar is.

Then, the next sync log shows exactly the same thing - no incoming, and an upload of:

> 2018-12-01 16:34:41.521000 (219:24:32.429)	Sync.Engine.Bookmarks	TRACE	Outgoing: { id: toolbar  index: 1000000  modified: undefined  ttl: undefined  payload: {"id":"toolbar","type":"folder","parentid":"places","parentName":"","dateAdded":1504911615683,"title":"북마크 도구 모음","children":["sPFy7FpfUqcd","YQ9At_wu0Pbl","UjDY6P7bX2FL","y3wdtf-5q6AI","IZiHawlQvovW","t7kzut5QziCX","1lZX1rTMbsTy","aB7FciB75V7S","KzSc6eprbk54","F3Gq_5nlt2DE","Q0ztktUj05xd","h_DzvQsW_Vxm","cMB5TxD3Vk6k"]}  collection: bookmarks }

Here, the order of children is different. Note that the second sync is a "success" log, so it seems unlikely there was a sync in between these 2 for which we don't have logs.

Lina, do you have any thoughts about what might cause this?
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