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Annotate fixed bugs with strikethrough


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I would love if Treeherder could annotate bugs that are marked as
closed/fixed in Bugzilla with a strikethrough.

The justification is that I often have multiple changesets going
at the same time.  I use as
an overview of what I have and haven’t landed, and it would be
useful to tell immediately from that view if a bug there’s a try
run for has been closed.
Hi! I can definitely see how this would be useful.

However the problem Treeherder has (over say Bugzilla), is that we don't have the bug metdata in our own schema (and adding additional state there probably isn't desirable), so to add such a feature the commit messages would need to be parsed and BMO REST API calls made en-mass client side. This would mean an inevitable delay between the initial display of pushes and us then updating the styling after, which wouldn't give an ideal UX.

An on-hover of bug numbers would be more viable - or would that be too tedious?

Perhaps an alternative is to have a way to mark a push as resolved/hidden/collapsed, that way landed pushes can be marked as such making the remaining ones clearer? (Though unless this state is stored somewhere, it won't help use-cases that span browser-sessions)

Leaving this functionality as-is for now. If you have more input on a better approach, please feel free to reopen/comment. Thanks! :)

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