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Clean up script flags handling in XDRScript/CopyScript


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, enhancement)

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Now that we use flag words for this, we no longer have to copy each flag explicitly in CopyScript and XDRScript.
Note: the old code didn't copy the HasNoScriptRval and SelfHosted flags, because
they are set to the correct values in CreateEmptyScriptForClone. That means it's
fine to copy them as part of the flags word.

The only change in behavior is that we now copy the IsLikelyConstructorWrapper
flag as well.
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Pushed by
part 1 - Copy immutableFlags_ word in CopyScript instead of copying each flag separately. r=tcampbell
part 2 - Move HideScriptFromDebugger from ImmutableFlags to MutableFlags. r=tcampbell
part 3 - Copy immutableFlags_ word in XDRScript instead of copying each flag separately. r=tcampbell
part 4 - Remove some now-redundant initialization code in JSScript::initFromModuleContext. r=tcampbell
Pushed by
part 5 - Assert the HideScriptFromDebugger flag is not set in CopyScript. r=tcampbell
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