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Add new raptor tp6-* test suites to the raptor wiki and the perf-automation git repo


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Once the new Raptor tp6-* jobs land (Bug 1503990) the Raptor wiki test list must be updated [1].

Please just copy one of the existing wiki entries for tp6-1 or tp6-2 and add the new page details for the new tp6-* test sets, so the wiki format is consistent.

They include listing all the test pages in each test job, so that developers can find which suite contains which test pages. Thanks!

Also note, before moving these new suites to tier 1, along with adding them to the Raptor wiki, the raw html source of the recordings needs to be added to our perf-automation repo at [1].

This is done by playing back each recording, then from Firefox doing a File => Save As and recording the entire page source. Then please create a new github pull request adding the new pages.

This is required so that developers can use the raw page source for debugging, without having to use mitmproxy. Thanks!

Summary: Add new raptor tp6-* test suites to the raptor wiki → Add new raptor tp6-* test suites to the raptor wiki and the perf-automation git repo
:bebe, can you take this bug please and update both the Raptor wiki and the perf-reftest git repo for the new pages you recorded for tp6-3, tp6-4, tp6-5, and tp6-6? Please include links to the updated wiki as well as the github pull request. Thanks!
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(In reply to Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] from comment #3)

Awesome thanks :Bebe. If you could please add the raw html (from the recordings playback in Firefox) to our repo [1] with the other pages then we can close this bug out.
:Bebe please add the new pages that you recorded, do our github repo (see Comment 1) thank you
1. Reddit page is not loading properly but this is how it saves
2. instagram page refreshes at every 5 sec
3. apple page has no images
(In reply to Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] from comment #6)
> Created pull request:
> to specified repo:
> raptor-tp6
> Should we merge it to:

Thanks :Bebe. Please don't use specific suite sub-folders, i.e. in your pull request:


Please just use the same folder structure as the the existing pages in the same repo i.e.: (and there will be a raptor-tp6-imdb_files subfolder).

The reason is we may move pages from one suite to another so we just want to have them listed as 'tp6' here. Thanks!
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(In reply to Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] from comment #9)
> Updated

Great thanks :Bebe! I noticed your pull request was made against my repo ( and not the main repo ( so I merged it into mine, and created a pull request against the main repo and merged that. In the future please create pull requests against the main repo ( thanks!

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