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unable to create useful tokens for tooltool


(Release Engineering :: Applications: ToolTool, enhancement)

Not set


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(Reporter: gbrown, Assigned: garbas)



Beginning about a month ago, I noticed I could no longer issue useful tokens on 

I see these permissions:

base.tokens.tmp.issue 	Issue temporary tokens
base.tokens.usr.issue 	Issue user tokens 	Revoke my user tokens 	See my user tokens 	Download PUBLIC files from tooltool

I have issued tokens for public and internal tooltool downloads and uploads in the past -- what happened to those permissions?

I had thought bug 1471987 would help, but it didn't seem to.
:coop - Do you know what's happening here, or know who could investigate?
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Redirecting to releng.
Component: Service Request → Applications: ToolTool
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Product: Taskcluster → Release Engineering
QA Contact: rgarbas
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I'm looking into this, thank you for reporting
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This looks a problem with latest release of itsdangerous.
Probably pinning to 0.24 should fix it.

Closed: 10 months ago
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I don't see any change from the experience I described in comment 0.

(In reply to Geoff Brown [:gbrown] from comment #5)

I don't see any change from the experience I described in comment 0.

Is there more to do here?

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I can see that something is weird with tokens permissions.

Looks like it is configured properly[1] via ci-configuration, but configured scopes are not there[2]. I need to ask on #taskcluster what is happening here.


Resolution: FIXED → ---

:gbrown i finally managed to apply the roles/scopes to correct groups. being in team_moco you should now able to also download private things from tooltool.

regarding uploading (public and private) was this before granted to you personally or to a team you are part of. I migrated all of the ACL mappings that i could find from previous setup.

if this permission was added to you personally then we need to add you to the vpn_tooltooleditor ldap group.

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Thanks! From bug 1145718, it looks like I asked to be added to vpn_tooltooleditors, back in 2015.

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:gbrown ok then i think this looks like it is done. and ofcourse please reopen if private download/upload still doesn't work.

Closed: 10 months ago9 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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