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Reduce log spew from hpack code


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Our logs are noisy enough already, and combined with the default of "sync" in the log modules on about:networking, that can change timing of some race bugs (see

One big source of noise (when http/2 is involved) is the dump of the hpack table we do after Every. Single. Table. Operation. Not only is this a lot of data that isn't necessary (it was helpful during hpack standardization, to ensure we were behaving properly, but not so much any more), it makes looking through logs manually a pain (especially when you're searching for a header or URL).

Understanding, however, that people are in fact still writing their own http/2 stacks (see and that these new stacks may, in fact, be buggy, it could be helpful to keep this code in the tree in order to assist with debugging interactions with buggy servers.

So, instead of removing the table dumps entirely, let's make them preffable, off by default.
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Now that h2 is pretty well stable, and we're fairly confident in our hpack table implementation, it's worth hiding this logging without some extra hoops, as it's just a lot of noise in logs.
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Add pref for hpack table dumps. r=bagder
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