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Amazon - Double click on related videos - does not reset the mouse click if held pressed


(Core :: DOM: Core & HTML, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox-esr60 --- affected
firefox63 --- wontfix
firefox64 --- wontfix
firefox65 --- fix-optional
firefox66 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: cfogel, Unassigned)


(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: webcompat)

[Affected versions]:
- 45.3, 63.0.1, 64.0b7, 65.0a1 (2018-11-05);

[Affected platforms]:
- Win 10x64, macOS 10.13, Ubuntu18.04;

[Steps to reproduce]:
1. Launch Firefox;
2. Open a product - scroll down to Related Video Shorts;
3. Click play on one of the (2) videos;
4. Double click on the progress bar _ do not release on the second click;
5. Holding the click, move the mouse left-right;

link example:

[Expected result]:
- video does not scroll;

[Actual result]:
- as mouse is moved the video progress is updated on the new location;

[Regression range]:
*could only get as close as the following results, since versions in between did not seem to load the page at all
- last good frame: 2015-06-21
- first bad frame: 2015-07-01

[Additional notes]:
- on Ubuntu it took a few tries to reproduce;
- this might need to be shifted to a more suitable section;
- it can be viewed as an enhancement.
*For the regression check, older versions paused the video on fullscreen.
So the intended behavior might need clarification as well to determine if it is a regression or an overlooked scenario.
Works for me on Ubuntu when double-click doesn't trigger full-screen.

cfogel, can you still reproduce the problem?
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Did a quick check on Win10 with 65.0a1(20181119220031), still reproduces.
What helps out alot is trying to click on the bar past the current progress.
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OK. I can reproduce on Windows. No idea if the bug is on our side or Amazon's, though.
Priority: -- → P3
Too late for a fix for 64 but we could still take a patch for 65/66. 
Would you like me to try reaching out to Amazon?
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(In reply to Liz Henry (:lizzard) (needinfo? me) from comment #5)
> Too late for a fix for 64 but we could still take a patch for 65/66. 
> Would you like me to try reaching out to Amazon?

Hi Liz,
I think it helps to have Amazon's clarification. I get similar behaviour on chrome on windows, i.e. video scrolls. Thank you!
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Adam, would you mind writing to the amazon list? It sounds like if Chrome is showing the same behavior, this might be an issue on Amazon's side.

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Whiteboard: webcompat

Hi Liz. Since this behaviour is happening in Chrome we don't consider it a webcompat issue. If you think this is a high priority issue I can reach out to them.

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Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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