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[Mac] Add automated tests for Mojave Camera/Mic usage with respect to OS device permissions


(Core :: WebRTC, enhancement, P5)

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firefox65 --- affected


(Reporter: haik, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Bug 1479051 and bug 1487204 added support for macOS's new device permissions introduced with macOS Mojave. Some of the new code is executed by existing WebRTC automated tests on our CI running 10.10, but we do not have tests covering how Firefox behaves/interacts with the system device permissions.

This is not testable on automation until we have Mojave or newer test machines. There would still be value in having tests developers could run locally.

See the macOS tccutil(1) command which can be used to reset device permissions. I don't know how we could automate changing the cam/mic permission status of Firefox in the preferences which would ideally be part of automated tests.
See Also: → 1479051, 1487204
Priority: -- → P5
Blocks: 1449315
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