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Add a basic test for build telemetry submission


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I landed some basic tests for build telemetry in bug 1505325. It shouldn't be too hard to add a test in that file that spins up a simple httpd and tests that we can successfully submit a telemetry report. We'd need to add a way to override the submission URL via env var as well as a way to override the "don't submit telemetry reports during tests/in automation" logic we currently have.

It would be nice to have a basic assurance that submission is working since it can otherwise fail silently.
Blocks: buildmetrics

Per conversation with :kmoir, I'm going through untriaged bugs in her components and marking the ones which look to be enhancements/tasks with the enhancement severity to get them out of the triage queue.

If this incorrect, please remove the tag.

Severity: normal → enhancement
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