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Add atomic.notify as an alias for atomic.wake


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An extended bikeshedding session at the Wasm CG video call on Nov 13 decided, in the end, that we will rename atomic.wake as atomic.notify to track what JS is doing and because "wake" and "wait" sound too similar for comfort and tend to confuse listeners.  (Also lots of languages use "notify"; "wake" is a futexism.)

For the time being, let's just add an alias and not worry overmuch about updating everything else.
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Sigh (re bikeshedding etc), although I do think notify is a better name.

Yes.  Looks fine.
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Not sure if this is an internals thing, or if it is exposed to web devs. Will investigate soon.
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Well...  those few people who manipulate textual webassembly (essentially compiler writers) will be exposed to this, but it's not a JS API, it's the name of the instruction when you write wasm text.  And the browser has no means of translating wasm text to wasm binary.  So technically it's not a web API.
OK, that makes sense; I still ought to mention it in (and generally update) the guide to WebAssembly text format on MDN, so I'll keep the dev-doc-needed keyword, but I won't include a note in the Fx65 rel notes.
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