should be able to run from a fresh checkout or minimally configured build

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When running the second step of the three-staged PGO scheme we need to run without running all of configure (and therefore setting up all the build requirements for the task).

Right now imports buildconfig and through get_binary_path needs to access various config keys. We should either pass everything down to if from the commandline or ensure it can do its job effectively with a minimally configured (disable-compile-environment at least) tree.
The simplest route here might be to make the second task do a source checkout so we don't have to package up all the HTML bits that the profiling run wants and then run this via a custom mach command. We probably don't need to run configure, if we pass the path to the Firefox binary in everything else it needs is in topsrcdir.

We might have to double-check that the instrumented builds that clang generates aren't dynamically linked to anything from the clang toolchain. If so we'd either need to package those binaries with the build or make the toolchain available to the profiling task.
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Allow to run from a fresh checkout. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,gps

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