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Only 32 transceivers active simultaneously


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Steps to reproduce:

I create 34 transceivers send only with tracks from canvas/audio context, negotiate SDP  O/A with my server.

Actual results:

The first 32 transceivers work, the 33rd (mid=32) and 34 (mid=33) does't.

The local description after the SDP O/A shows that only the first 32 are added to the bundle group (and have a non cero port) while the mid=32 and 33 are missing from the bundle group and the port is 0. There is no data sent in that transceivers.

If I stop any of the transcivers (mid<31) and perform an SDP O/A then the next mid is added to the group.

Note that the sdp created by the createOffer has all the mids in the bundle group and ports = 0, and after the SLD is where the mids are removed and the ports changed.

Here is a sample (with dummy o/a so you don't have to rely on my server) to reproduce the issue. It creates all the transceivers and do the sdp o/a and prints the local description in html.

Expected results:

All 34 transceivers are enabled
Dan, this is the bug we briefly talked about. Could you please have a look if you have free cycles?
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Hi Nils,

Could you please also assign a component to this issue as you seem familiar with the subject? Thank you!
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It turns out that there is a limit on the media streams allowed by the C sdp parser here [1] which is enforced while parsing attribute groups here [2] which prevents the last two transceivers from being added to the bundle group. Increasing that from 32 to say 64 allows for more transceivers. There also appears to be a limit on the maximum line length allowed by the sdp parser at [2] which will presumably also cause problems at some point.

As far as I can tell, the rust sdp parser does not have any limit on the number of groups or a maximum line length.

:bwc, do you see any harm in increasing the constants at [1] (and maybe [3])? Thanks!

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I think that would be fine.
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This also removes SDP_MAX_LINE_LEN which is unused.
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Increase number of media streams supported by sipcc; r=bwc
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