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Put all of the webrender repo's files into m-c


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As one of the first steps for moving webrender in-tree, we should start by actually copying all the files into m-c rather than just selected subfolders. Right now we just dump webrender/, webrender_api, and wrench/ into gfx/ but we'll want to create a gfx/wr folder instead and copy everything into there. m-c's top-level workspace Cargo.toml will need updating, and the webrender_bindings Cargo.toml will need updating to point to the new locations, but other than that everything should just work the same way it does now. Going forward the "wr-future-update" bug series should also continue copying all the contents.

Note that I specifically want a gfx/wr folder instead of a gfx/webrender folder because we have a gfx/webrender folder now which has a different set of things than what it will have, and it would be less confusing if we renamed it to something else (i.e. you will be easily able to tell if you are in the pre- or post-move world by checking for if your tree has a gfx/wr or gfx/webrender folder).
This patch copies the webrender repository contents into gfx/wr. The
existing files from gfx/webrender, gfx/webrender_api, and gfx/wrench are
moved, and the remaining files are added. The revision being used is the
same as before.

In addition, the mozilla-central top-level Cargo.toml and the
gfx/webrender_bindings/Cargo.toml files are updated to reflect the new
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Move webrender to gfx/wr. r=jrmuizel
Update miscellaneous things with the new WR location. r=jrmuizel
Closed: 4 years ago
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Follow-up to remove file accidentally left behind. r=me
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