Remove UA Widget pref and all disabled in-content bindings

RESOLVED FIXED in Firefox 67



7 months ago
13 days ago


(Reporter: timdream, Assigned: timdream)


(Blocks 3 bugs)

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Once UA Widgets reach release, we should prevent the user from going back to the old XBL bindings by removing the pref. With that all in-content XBL bindings can be removed from the tree -- we will no longer have to maintain them.


7 months ago
Blocks: war-on-xbl
Depends on: 1507894
Priority: -- → P3
Per offline discussion w/ :bgrins, items that can be removed should have their bugs filed separately, blocks bug 1443836, and depend on this bug.
Blocks: 1480121
No longer blocks: 1480121

To be landed in Nightly 67.

Assignee: nobody → timdream

This patch removes the XBL videocontrols binding and make <video>
to always use the UA Widget to generate controls.

DevTools tests that look for NAC is switched to use <input type=file>.

This patch removes the datetimebox binding and always use
UA Widget for the job.

Depends on D17571

This patch removes the XBL marquee binding and always uses
UA Widget for the internal "gut" of the marquee element.

Depends on D17572

This patch removes the XBL pluginProblem binding and have the in-content
UI always created by the UA Widget.

Depends on D17573

With all the dependency removed this pref can be safely removed.

Depends on D17574

This patch cleans up the assertion added in bug 1426492.
With that we have disallowed all bindings in content HTML.

The XMLPrettyPrint binding was removed in bug 1503019.

Depends on D17575

Attachment #9038972 - Attachment description: Bug 1507895 - Part II, Remvoe the datetimebox binding → Bug 1507895 - Part II, Remove the datetimebox binding

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5 months ago
Pushed by
Part I, Remove the videocontrols binding r=smaug
Part II, Remove the datetimebox binding r=smaug
Part III, Remove the marquee binding r=smaug
Part IV, Remove the XBL pluginProblem binding r=smaug
Part V, Remove dom.ua_widget.enabled pref r=smaug
Part VI, Reword the content process XBL binding assertion r=smaug


13 days ago
Type: enhancement → task
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