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Don't start new recordings when navigating from blank tab


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The attached patch has fixes to get the browser_dbg_rr_console_warp-01.js mochitest passing reliably on try:

This has a couple fixes:

- The failures seemed to start happening a lot after bug 1489651 landed.  While I don't think there is anything wrong with the patch in that bug in and of itself, it may have exposed timing issues that we did not run into previously.  This patch avoids spawning new recordings when navigating in the tests, by watching for navigations from about:blank tabs to somewhere else.  Since about:blank tabs don't have any meaningful history this is something that is good to do regardless for efficiency.

- Unregister the onConsoleMessage callback when destroying the web console actor.  If this hook is called after the actor is destroyed then the test fails to shutdown correctly.  I saw this problem while testing locally and I'm not sure if it started cropping up after other changes made while the console warping test was disabled, or if it is related to the failures that caused the test to be disabled.
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Don't start new recording when navigating from blank tab, r=jlast.
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