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Add BinAST version of Instagram to tp6


(Testing :: Raptor, enhancement, P1)

Version 3


(firefox67 fixed)

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firefox67 --- fixed


(Reporter: davehunt, Assigned: Bebe)




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This tracks adding BinAST version of Instagram to tp6. Let's try to use the test account created in bug 1508375 for the regular version of Instagram. According to bug 1499463 we'll need to "include the binast mimetype in the request" to enable BinAST.
Depends on: 1508392
Priority: -- → P1

Bebe: You should be able to work on this now. Please use the BinAST enabled account from the team's shared 1Password vault.

:davehunt :rwood should chrome have any special settings to activate binast?

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(In reply to Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] from comment #4)

:davehunt :rwood should chrome have any special settings to activate binast?

Sorry I have no idea, you know way more about binast than I do :)

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:vladan do you know how to activate binast on chrome

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It's not yet available on google chrome now.

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:sdetar are there any known issues with binast and win7?

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David, could you help answer Florin's question.

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Deflecting to arai!

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(but I seem to remember that we have deactivated BinAST on win32, could this be related?)

There was strange timeout in most-likely unrelated job, only on win32 and android, when the initial implementation was about to be enabled.
I triggered try run with it enabled there.

will look into it once the try run finishes.

some more try

I guess, now that the implementation is very different than before, and the issue doesn't happen anymore?
will file a bug and post patch there once I confirmed no regression happens there.

Depends on: 1527515

enabled on win32 and android, in bug 1527515.
will be merged shortly.

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Checked all the builds and the webpages are loading as the should

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Pushed by
Add BinAST version of Instagram to tp6 r=davehunt


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Closed: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla67

So, how could we modify this to get results on more recent versions of BinAST?

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we re-recorded all raptor tp6 tests recently.

Bin-ast test is from Playback recording date: 2019-06-26

Do we need it more recent than this?

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Sorry, I wasn't clear.

We're currently working on a new version of BinAST, which uses a new file format. Is there a way for us to manually update the files that you captured to simulate the performance if instagram were to update its own files to the new format – and to compare the two performance results?

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manually injecting files in the recording will be quite complicated.
We use mitmproxy to record and playback the capured proxy traffic and we don't have a manual way to modify recording.

The best solution would be if you can provide a local server from where I can record the traffic.

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Unfortunately, we don't have an instagram server :/

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Are the new files on instgram? I can record from there...

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No, the idea would be to make the loop shorter. Right now, we have to synchronize with Facebook/Instagram to get them to deploy a new version whenever we want to test the performance of Firefox with new versions of BinAST. I'm looking for a way to do this without having to rely upon Facebook/Instagram.

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ok please ping me if you have any solution or want to add/update the binast test in raptor

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