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Pane separator re-size handle missing in Message Filter window


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Windows 10
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(thunderbird_esr6064+ fixed, thunderbird64 fixed, thunderbird65 fixed)

Thunderbird 65.0
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thunderbird_esr60 64+ fixed
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Steps to reproduce:

1 Access Message Filter tool by selecting Tools - Message Filters (MF window appears)
2 Select filter name to edit
3 Select Edit (Filter Rules window appears)

Actual results:

Centre pane separator panel (labelled "Perform these actions:") is immovable due to missing re-size grip widget.

The two panes of the filter window are now equal fixed-size and do not allow modification of the display area to match contents (UI functionality modification)

Expected results:

Centre pane separator should contain re-size grip widget to allow pane re-sizing.
Version of Thunderbird: 60.3.0 (32-bit) running on Win 10 (64-bit). This is a primarily cosmetic issue, but is a retrograde step in functionality of the UI.
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Works for me. The resizer appears when you hover the separator.
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"Works for me" is not what I would expect as a response (professional or otherwise) to a bug report. I've been working in software as a developer and manager for close on 40 years now: if I had received that response to a bug report in our backlog then I would have been furious.

I assume you believe that I am making this up?

Please re-consider the change of status you have applied. 

Windows 10 Home edition (64 bit)/Thunderbird 60.3.1 (32 bit).

I have checked this again. After a reboot and re-start of Thunderbird, I get the same behaviour. Hover does **NOT** work over the centre bar of the filter window. This is a functional failure, probably due to a UI library incompatibility between 32- and 64-bit worlds.
(In reply to Jorg K (GMT+1) from comment #2)
> Created attachment 9027363 [details]
> resizer.png
> Works for me. The resizer appears when you hover the separator.

You are not verifying this on the same version of UI as I am. I would suggest you verify against a system configuration match.
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Something must have changed in toolkit. We had already bugs about the wrong cursor on horizontal splitters. When I open the inspector on the filterEditor the splitter appears.

Setting orient="vertical" shows the splitter already on opening the dialog for me.
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Yes, that adds the missing splitter on trunk. However, it is already working in TB 60 ESR, but we can uplift since it won't hurt.

Maybe the reporter can attach a (small) screenshot of his panel. In my screenshot the line is clearly visible. Also, trying without add-ons (see Help menu) is an option.
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I don't see it on ESR60 until I use the inspector.
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Hmm. Well, my screenshot is no photo-montage. Anyway, we'll get it uplifted in the next week or so.
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Set orient="vertical" on splitter in filter editor to show it immediately. r=jorgk
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On Linux the splitter is still not seen after the patch, but that may be correct.
However, on hover the mouse cursor shows indication whether the splitter is a horizontal or vertical. It was showing horizontal before the patch, even though it could only be dragged vertically.
The patch fixes it.
Possibly the default has changed in toolkit, or the 'orient' must be set explicitly.

The same problem exists in SearchDialog.xul, please check all occurrences of <splitter> .
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