Open Bug 1508967 (external-gv-ergonomics) Opened Last year Updated 2 months ago

[Meta] GeckoView Consuming Developer Ergonomics Improvements


(GeckoView :: General, enhancement)

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(Reporter: fluffyemily, Unassigned, Mentored)


(Depends on 15 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Meta bug for tracking issues relating to improving developer ergonomics around GeckoView.
Blocks: 1506658
Depends on: 1508969
Depends on: 1463790
No longer blocks: 1506658
Depends on: 1506658
Depends on: 1508971
Depends on: 1458668
Depends on: 1508974
Depends on: 1508975
Depends on: 1508976
Depends on: 1508977
Depends on: 1508986
Updated bug description to reflect that these issues relate to issues experienced by developers consuming GeckoView for use in other apps. Another meta bug ( has been raised to address issues experienced by developers working on GeckoView directly.
Summary: [Meta] GeckoView Developer Ergonomics Improvements → [Meta] GeckoView Consuming Developer Ergonomics Improvements
Depends on: 1509306
Depends on: 1512487
Product: Firefox for Android → GeckoView
Depends on: 1533194
Alias: external-gv-ergonomics
Depends on: 1533575
Depends on: 1543130
Depends on: 1545170
Depends on: 1545585
Depends on: 1564815
Depends on: 1569755
Depends on: 1552583
Depends on: 1585323
No longer depends on: 1585323
Depends on: 1523544
Depends on: 1585661
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