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./mach lint -l eslint doesn't look for node in ~/.mozbuild


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I tried to run `./mach lint -l eslint`. It failed because it couldn't find node, and told me to run `./mach bootstrap --no-system-changes`. So I ran that, which downloaded a new clang, cbindgen, and node into my ~/.mozbuild.

Then I ran `./mach lint -l eslint` again, and again it failed with the same thing. After I ran `PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.mozbuild/node/bin` it worked. Seems to me like the mach command should look in .mozbuild for node.
(This was on Ubuntu 16.04, in case it matters)
Those bits seem to work ok. The problem is that found_exe ends up pointing to the npm binary at /home/kats/.mozbuild/node/bin/npm, and the very first line of that is "#!/usr/bin/env node". So when we run said npm binary to check the version, it fails to run because there's no `node` binary on the PATH and /usr/bin/env won't find it.
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Here's what I see at the top of the output with a printout that I added:

$ ./mach lint -l eslint gfx/wr/
found_exe: nodejs /usr/bin/nodejs
found_exe: node /usr/bin/nodejs
found_exe: npm /home/kats/.mozbuild/node/bin/npm
/usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory
Could not find npm executable later than 5.6.
Thank you for that, very helpful. Looks like we need to wrap the calls to npm. We're already doing this for eslint itself, but obviously need to do npm as well.

Could you try the patch I've just attached? I think that will fix it.

If you've already worked around it, then trying this should be enough (as long as node isn't in your path):

- Remove <topsrcdir>/node_modules
- ./mach eslint --setup
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The patch seems to work, thanks!
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Great, thanks for checking, I'll get that reviewed :-)
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When setting up ESLint, call npm via node so that node doesn't need to be in the path. r=ahal

    def check_executable_version(exe, wrap_call_with_node=True):

that default should have been False. That could quite easily cause a continuous loop.
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When setting up ESLint, call npm via node so that node doesn't need to be in the path. r=ahal
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