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will-change for individual transform properties should set WillChangeBits::TRANSFORM


(Core :: CSS Transitions and Animations, enhancement, P3)




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firefox65 --- wontfix
firefox71 --- fixed


(Reporter: hiro, Assigned: boris)




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Otherwise our optimization in ActiveLayerTracker doesn't work fine for the properties, I believe.

We should add the properties here

Or we should introduce a new flag for the will change transform bit.
Blocks: individual-transform
No longer blocks: 1207734
Blocks: 1424900
No longer blocks: individual-transform
Assignee: nobody → boris.chiou
See Also: → 1572797
See Also: 1572797

We always check StyleWillChangeBits_TRANSFORM bit together with a
transform-like property set, so using WillChangeBits::TRANSFORM bit to
represent all transform-like properties is ok.

However, it seems the new test case works well even if we don't have this
patch. I still add it for individual transform properties to make sure
the test coverage is enough anyway.

To make sure the test coverage is enough for individual transforms.

Got test_will_change.html failed on mac. I'm looking at it on mac now.

(In reply to Boris Chiou [:boris] from comment #3)

Got test_will_change.html failed on mac. I'm looking at it on mac now.

My bad. I should set pref in chrome.ini because we use translate in the style sheet, too.

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Set WillChangeBits::TRANSFORM for individual transform. r=hiro
Add reftests for creating stacking-context and fixpos containing block on individual transforms. r=hiro
Closed: 4 years ago
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